Is it real craft? 

...or just some marketing spin on mass produced products?

The Real Craft Certification Authority certifies all real craft products

and the small businesses behind these real craft products.

If the product you  bought has the "RealCraft" certification mark on it, you can rest assured that you indeed bought a real craft product from a small business. 

The registered RealCraft Certification Mark:

Earth, air, water and fire

carefully handled by the master craftsmen and craftswomen

Since the days of the alchemists, these elements were revered and today still form the basic elements that crafters harness and transform.

All natural, all from the earth, all handled with great appreciation and the utmost care by the crafter and transformed by his creative skills and personal passion for his/her craft.

RealCraft certification - so you know it is Real Craft

The formats in which you will find the RealCraft Certification Mark:


The RealCraft Certification mark

will be displayed in colour or in monochrome colours, black, gold or platinum.

The QR code, when scanned on your phone, will take you to the specific product and crafter's page to verify the product and get to know how the product is made, what was used in the crafting of the product and all about the crafter and his/her skills.

If you don't have a QR Code reader on your phone, download one now.

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