Craft means different things to different people and some may even claim that craft is impossible to define. 

However, most of us can intuitively form a reasonable good (and consistent) opinion when we: 

However, to define "Craft" in a non-repudiable manner, is a different story!

Why would they do so? Very simple. For bigger profits.

What easier way is there to bamboozle you to pay more for a product, than to just label it "craft"? 

RealCraft is the result of more that 2 years of research, identifying "craft abuse" epi-centres, working with true crafters (locally and internationally)  and designing the RealCraft certification processes within a legal framework for certified Crafters and buyers of real craft products.

We have a deep appreciation for true craftsmen and craftswomen who practise their crafts in small businesses, small batches, non-automated. 

We are tired of half-baked marketing untruths.

The RealCraft general definition for craft is really simple:

Craft: an activity performed by a Craftsman/Craftswoman

Craftsman (and Craftswoman):  An independent person who earns a living by skilfully and creatively applying his/her uncommon knowledge, artistic intuition and broad experience, applying tools of the craft manually and using all his/her senses as guidance to create items of value or appreciation for other people” 

Craft manufacturer: A legally structured business within which a craftsman or craftswoman operates to craft natural occurring base materials into craft products.

Craft producer: A legally structured business within which a craftsman purchase base products and craft a product with a totally different character, from the base products.

Crafter: The collective term used for Craftsmen, Craftswomen, Craft manufacturers and Craft Producers.

Craft product : A product created by a Crafter

Craft category specific terms may be used and defined in the rules for the specific craft. I.e. Craft distillery, Craft beer brewery, chocolatier, Craft bakery, Craft perfumerier, Craft Cooper.

The above definitions are, however, still very generic, non-measurable, non-verifiable, open for interpretation and prone to bias. Therefor, RealCraft has compiled very specific guidelines for craft products and Crafters within a legal framework to allow for the certification of RealCraft products and Crafters. 

RealCraft certifies both Craft businesses (Crafters) and Craft Products with differents sets of rules applicable to each.

The following Crafters and their Craft Products that can be RealCraft certified:

Craft Type Certifications Craft Product Certifications
Craft Distillery Craft Gin, Craft Rum, Craft Cane Spirits, Craft Vodka, Craft Whisky, Craft Brandy, Craft Grape Spirits, Craft Witblits, Craft Husk Spirits, Craft Agave Spirits, Craft Liqueur, Craft Cream Liqueur, Craft Bitters, Craft Spirit Aperitif, Craft Spirit Cooler, Craft Moonshine, Craft Eau-de-vie, Craft Mampoer, Craft Absinthe, Craft Speciality Spirits 
Craft Spirits Producer Craft Gin, Craft Liqueur, Craft Cream Liqueur, Craft Bitters, Craft Spirit Aperitif, Craft Spirit Cooler, Craft Spiced Rum, Craft Absinthe, Craft Speciality Spirits
Craft Botanical Extractionista Craft Distilled Essential Oil, Craft Non-distilled Essential Oil, Craft Extracts
Craft Brewery Craft Traditional African Beer, Craft beer (hopped), Craft Flavoured beer
Craft Fermenter Craft Ginger Beer, Craft Cider, Craft Perry, Craft Mead, Craft Kvass, Craft Fermented Beverage (other than the previous)
Craft Beverage maker (non-alcoholic) Craft Tonic water, Craft mixer, Craft Kombucha, Craft Kefir, Craft Juice, Craft Beverage (other than the previous)
Craft Condimentary Craft Preserve, Craft Jam, Craft Jelly, Craft Spread, Craft Sauce, Craft Honey, Craft Syrup, Craft Speciality Condiment
Craft Charcuterie Craft Meat Products, Craft Meat Speciality
Craft Dairy (excluding cheese) Craft Yoghurt, Craft butter, Craft Ice-cream, Craft Flavoured milk, Craft Cream, Craft Dairy Speciality (other than previous)
Craft Cheesery (Fromage) Craft Soft Cheese, Craft Hard Cheese, Craft Blue cheese
Craft Perfumery Craft Perfume, Craft Eau de Perfume, Craft Eau de Toilette, Craft Eau de Cologne
Craft Bakery Craft Bread, Craft Pastry, Craft Confectionery
Craft Cosmeticery Craft Lotion, Craft Suspension, Craft Cream, Craft Gel, Craft Stick, Craft Powder, Craft Solution, Craft Ointment, Craft Tablet, Craft Spray, Craft Soap
Craft Maker Craft Handmade Item

The very specific standards applicable to Crafters and craft products forms quite a formidable document and at stages becomes quite technical so as to be non-repudiable.

You can view the following examples:


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