About RealCraft

Real Craft Certification Authority (Pty ) Ltd (trading as RealCraft) is an independent registered company (Reg. no 2019/258855/07) that ensures customers that the "craft products" they buy and enjoy, are truly real crafted products and not only marketing spin.

Crafters, artisans and makers are skills driven individuals that focus their abilities to make and continuously improve their products and in this process transfer their own ideals and a part of themselves, to the products they proudly bring us with joy.

Crafters apply the creativity and inspiration of master artists with the science of their industry, in an almost fanatical manner to bring us the efforts of their labour with something of themselves embedded and surrounding the products they create.

Crafters, their products and the way in which they do business are so different from that employed by big business, corporates and profit driven organisations.

Our sole purpose:

RealCraft wishes to give recognition to, and acknowledge, craft products and their crafters and distinguish them and their products from mass producing factories where the sole business purpose is the generation of profits.

Our values:

RealCraft is guided in all it's endeavors by the following values which we embrace:

- Integrity and truthfulness in all our dealings, communications and handlings

- Honesty and the pursuit thereof (in a world seemingly drifting away from it)

- Deep appreciation for the efforts of individuals, their skills and single-mindedness to craft their products.

- Deep appreciation for people living an informed life and making an effort to do so.